Glotman Simpson required an advertising campaign to highlight their work in green building engineering. LEED is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in over 160 countries. The strategy called for developing a unique set of ads that not only tells a story of Glotman Simpson, but also tells a story about each project they worked on. 
The ads also had to stand out in the publications they were being place in because it's hard to differentiate editorial from advertising that both featured large pictures of buildings. 
The final creative features a striking image of nature and how nature solves structural engineering problems, which in turn relates to the specific project featured. The ads stand-out in the publications because no other engineering firm features images of nature in their ads. In turn, Glotman Simpson owns this category, and no other firm can touch this style. The campaign is such a huge success and has continued for over 6 years.
The middle set of ads showing reddish rocks is for their 50th anniversary.                        
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