This is a repurpose of an identity I designed for a residential development along the Fraser River in Vancouver. The criteria needed to show the historical significance of the Fraser River's past as a river that saw logging operations, log booms and lumber mills. There were lots of tugboats, container and freighter ships plying the waters, and still do. The area has been transformed into a vibrant residential community along the river with apartments, townhouses, walking paths and community gardens.
The design features a propellor of a ship for its historical significance, and the colour green to show the areas transformation into a vibrant community, with the propellor that looks like a flower. 
I enjoy gardening very much, grew up with a garden in my backyard, and now have a plot in my local community garden, and the benefit of being a freelance graphic designer, is to step out and tend my garden and share the bounty with my friends.
I repurposed the design to a fictitious gardening centre. 
propellor logo design
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