Branding developed for Signal Auto. Signal Auto is a commercial fleet dealership.
The arrow represents the right-turn signal light on a car dashboard, and also represents the arrow on a computer keyboard. The arrow is a metaphor for:
• Travel
• The future
• Forward movement or thinking
• A journey
• Career or business advancement
• Delivery of products or services
• Guidance
The logo is simple and clean, that represents a no-fuss way to search for vehicles online. While a vehicle search is being performed online, the triangle can blink o-and-on during the search function. This is also graphical representation of the signal light of the dashboard blinking when a vehicle performs a turn. Different font weights for “signal” and “auto” help to make each thought stand-out without extra space needed between each word.

Automobile dealer logo design with signage
Automobile dealer logo design
Automobile dealer logo design and business card
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