2019 Annual Report design for the Surrey Women's Centre crises centre. They are a crisis centre for women and girls escaping domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence.
The strategy of the design is based on strong colours, bold fonts and large photos as a metaphor for women who have regained their strength snd composure in life.
A cover flap of the annual report features a ghosted image of a woman who has gone through a very difficult time in life. By opening up the flap her image has gone from ghosted to a clear image of her with revealed type "COURAGE AND RESILIENCE". The clear image of her is a metaphor for her transition from an insecure women, to a woman who feels confident about herself.

Surrey Annual Report cover design
Surrey Annual Report open spread
Surrey Annual Report message from the president
Surrey Annual Report feature story
Surrey Annual Report feature story text
Surrey Annual Report infographics
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