My name is Ron Kliewer, and I'm a Vancouver-based freelance graphic designer and art director providing communication design to advertising agencies, design studios, and direct business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communications. 
Yes, I work with start-ups, too!
I believe in a collaborative team approach to my work, with a view as a keen strategic partner. And because education, passion and learning are central to how I operate, you’ll be getting a top-notch hard-working, organized designer and art director working for you, with strong pragmatic business management skills. Yeah, I have that rare right-left brain mind that excels both at being a very organized business person, and a strong creative person.
I continually learn and keep on top of design trends to keep my work fresh and relevant. I've worked for some of Canada's best advertising agencies including BBDO (Baker Lovick), DDB Canada (Palmer Jarvis), Rethink Advertising, Cossette, and Karo Design.
My freelance graphic design client experience includes work for regional and national accounts such as Petro Canada, Shell, Coast Capital Savings, Telus, Toyota, BMW, Shell, Lexus, Rogers Sugar, and A & W.
Because I am also an advertising art director, my skillset can also be used to complement design branding campaigns. You get two heads for the price of one. Cool, eh!
Reaction is a versatile design studio in Vancouver, Canada. I create visual communications that connect with the right audiences. Staying curious to the changing world, Reaction continuously looks for innovative design solutions to solve communications challenges. I believe in international design that is timeless, and makes your hard spent advertising dollar work better for you.
Let's collaborate
I'd like to say that design is about transformation. However, taking a communications challenge and transforming it into a lasting design solution requires collaboration. That’s why, in my process, I involve project stakeholders from the very beginning. The solutions I develop together consider every nuanced angle—and the work finds its champions, foundation, and longevity.
The services offered by Reaction are exact and precise. The process is collaborative. And the design work that gets produced can solve even the most challenging communications problems. When I create something, anything, I take into account the entire experience of your audience. How they interact with a design solution, how it makes them feel, how it helps them act, reflect or engage—all of it matters. I call it the User Experience (UX), and it’s at the forefront of everything I do. I'll apply it to your Branding, Design Systems, as well as Websites and Applications.
Let’s work together
At its core, design is a human process. I want to make sure that all the humans I work with feel involved, heard and valued. That’s Reaction. Let’s begin.

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