Oilrenu Systems is nephron system using Japanese technology that helps to eliminate the high cost of a vehicle oil change, it works like a mechanical kidney using filtration to producing purified oil and zero waste. The nephron system removes all damaging impurities in the oil particles larger than 1 micron, retaining the impurities of a beneficial nature which allow to reduce friction between metal surfaces. The nephron system increases engine longevity by 2-3 times according to piston ring wear study. The nephron system also improves fuel efficiency with one study on trucks showing that the system can squeeze out an extra 3.3 km per litre. Better running engines also mean lower co2 emissions and because the system eliminates waste oil, which must be disposed of and improves the environment. The system is a step forward to the full elimination of petroleum products for commercial and private vehicles.​​​​​​​


Oilrenu logo on exterior of building