Home page video
Are you wondering what the story is of the video on my home page? The video is an out-take from a 15 and 30 second tv spot for The Nature Trust of British Columbia. The Nature Trust of British Columbia is an organization that protects natural environments in British Columbia. I was involved with developing a complete rebrand for the organization.


WHAT is a brand?
A brand is more than a logo or a jingle. It’s something human. It’s about perception, feeling and experience. It’s the image people hold in their mind when they think of you. A brand arises from the collective interactions that people have with your organization. Why is that important? Because it means brands are always changing and evolving. And that means there’s always opportunity to shape the way people feel about your brand. It might seem like magic, but it’s not. It’s strategic. And it’s called branding.

Your email is you brand
A custom email address that matches your domain is the easiest way to make your business more credible. Your brand needs to project value, competence and professionalism. It’s time to ditch that quirky or unrelated email address. A custom address is the easiest way to make your business more credible.
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